The Placement Test is the first formal step in the admissions process at Holy Cross. It's a nationally standardized test that is given at all the Catholic high schools here in Louisville. The testing date occurs on the second Saturday in December (December 14, 2013) and students are encouraged to take the test at the high school in which they intend to enroll. Only 8th grade students are permitted to take the test.

At Holy Cross, the Placement Test is given in school classrooms in groups of about twenty. This small atmosphere gives students a chance to relax more and do their best. The test begins at 9:00am and will end about 12:30pm. Students are encouraged to arrive early in order to relax and settle in a bit before the test. Teachers and administrators will be on hand to greet you and answer any questions you might have. There is a $10 fee, and no reservation is required unless students will be taking the "extended time" version. Students need only bring the fee (exact change preferred) and two No. 2 pencils.

The test is obviously not the kind that requires specific preparation. It's not worthwhile to "study" for it, and it's not an "Entrance Exam." Unlike some schools, Holy Cross does not use the scores to decide who gets in and who doesn't. We use it to help use place each individual student in the program of courses that will be both challenging and give success for hard work. The score is only a predictor, but it has proven to be a good one over the years. The best preparation is good hard work in the classroom leading up to the testing date. Get a good night's rest the night before, eat breakfast and try to come in a relaxed frame of mind.

As you arrive, members of Holy Cross' National Honor Society will escort you to individual classrooms for the Placement Test to ensure a quiet environment. The test normally lasts until just before noon, at which time students are dismissed for the day. There is a handout from the Principal that students are asked to take home. 

If a student is currently on a 504 plan or has an IEP he/she may receive the "extended time" version of the test. In order to do this, parents must get a form (APPENDIX VI - A) from the grade school and have the grade school principal sign it. Then the parents must sign the form. This form must be brought with the student the day of the Placement Test. If you need help, please call Lynne Glenn at 447.4363 x 123 or email . Documentation of the need for extra time must be provided from the grade school, so don't wait if you anticipate such a need for your child.

The Placement Test results are only the first step in a total plan for your student's program of studies. After the Placement Test your child will bring home a packet with an outline of the next steps in the admissions process and all the forms you will need. We will be posting all of this on the website shortly after the Placement Test.

Finally, if you miss the December 14, 2013 test, there will be a make-up test on January 11, 2014 or by appointment with the Director of Admissions.

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