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Goals & Expectations

Goals & Expectations

A student leaving Holy Cross should be able to demonstrate:

1. Knowledge of the principles of the Catholic faith.
2. Knowledge of subjects necessary to fulfill and/or exceed scholastic requirements.
3. Service through generosity and self-sacrifice in the school or community.
4. Leadership by using positive talents in school or community activities.
5. Mannerly conduct by respecting oneself and others.

A student may expect from Holy Cross:

1. Instruction in the basic principles and doctrine of the Catholic faith.
2. Opportunities and encouragement to participate in prayer, worship, programs, retreats and service.
3. The experience of Christian community which emphasizes respect and concern for the student as an individual.
4. A curriculum with proven educational value.
5. A disciplined atmosphere conducive to learning.
6. Educational guidance, as well as, career and personal counseling.
7. Excellent teachers with professional qualifications.
8. A fair assessment based on classroom performance, quality of achievement and assignments.
9. An accurate permanent record system with the access to inspect and review.
10. Fair and respectful treatment.
11. A wide range of extra-curricular activities providing for physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth.

Holy Cross expects its students to:

1. Conduct themselves as Christians.
2. Obey school regulations.
3. Demonstrate a desire to learn.
4. Insure an atmosphere of learning for others.
5. Show respect to teachers, students, school officials and all persons and their property with whom they come in contact.
6. Learn the content and skill of courses; conduct studies properly and complete assignments on time.