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Cafeteria Information

Lunch Program & Prices 
In order to considered for Free & Reduced lunch families need to have applied for financial aid and qualify based on Federal Government guidelines. Please note that no carbonated beverages or commercial purchased food may be brought into the cafeteria during lunch hours.
Students and adults may take 3-5 items of the different food groups consisting of:
Meat/ Meat Alternative 2/3 ounces
Bun/ Grain/ Bread
Student Lunches are $4.00
The cost for a student second entree' will be an additional $2.00. The cost for a second student lunch will be an additional $2.85. Side items are an additional $1.00. A'la carte items are available daily. These items include chips, juice, snacks and cookies. 
Computerized Lunch Payment System
Holy Cross cafeteria utilizes a computerized payment system. Students must enter a student lunch number regardless of meal status or payment method, thus insuring your students privacy. The system allows you to pay in advance for meals and /or a'la carte foods (juice, ice cream, cookies, etc).
Cash On Account- Unlimited Spending 
Cash/check is sent to and deposited into each student's account. These funds are available to your student when purchasing meals and/or a'la carte foods in the cafeteria. There are no limitations as to what may be purchased or how many purchases can be made. Under this system, the account balance simply decrease as purchase takes place. You can also use Sycamore to put money into your students account. All you need is the students lunch account number.