Online Snow Days

Holy Cross High School

2019-2020  Snow Days “Online School”

  • The first two snow days will run with no school and no expectations for teachers/students.
  • On the third snow day (and subsequent 5), Holy Cross High School will put into place “Online School” that would be counted as regular school days and would not need to be made-up.
  • Classes that would normally meet on this day will be required to “run as usual” in the online classroom using Sycamore Learning System platform.
  • Teachers are required to post the class agenda/instructions in the Sycamore class page by 10:00 am in the “News” section. Administrators will verify all courses at 10:00 am and assist with any complications/issues.
  • Teachers will create an online class that would be the same expectations (rigor and time) that the normal class would require. The use of online technology such as online articles, videos, discussion boards, Socrative, Edmodo, etc. are highly recommended for the online class.
  • Teachers must have at least one assessment for the online course that will be counted in the gradebook.
  • Students must log-in to their Sycamore account and visit each class home page (not just the Sycamore home page) between 10:00-11:00 am to begin working on assignments. Attendance will be taken in each class by means of the timestamp with a student’s log-in to Sycamore. Students who do not login and complete the work will be counted as absent/tardy for the day.  Teachers will be available using the Pass-A-Note system and/or email until 4:00.
  • Students must complete all classwork by 8:00 am of the following day to receive credit for the day’s assignments. If a student is having difficulty with the internet and is not able to log in to Sycamore or email the teacher, the student will need to call 447-4363, leave his/her name, specific issue he/she is having; and a number to return the call.  A Holy Cross staff member will return your call.  In the event that a student does not have internet access during that particular day, administration will determine validity and will communicate with his/her teachers for extension of deadlines for these assignments.