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Service Program

Service Program

Holy Cross is committed top making sure service is a positive experience for all students. Because of this we are using a website that was created for schools to make service accessible, easy and enjoyable. www.x2vol.com is used for all grade levels at Holy Cross and operates as a tool for bringing non-profit organizations and students together through use of social media and technology.

“we are committed to spiritual development,

social justice, and community service”

- Holy Cross Mission Statement

In 1971, Pope Paul VI issued A Call to Action. This was an apostolic letter meant to call Christians to bring about the social, political, and economic changes that are urgently needed for justice. This letter offered a three-step process for taking action. Right around the same time, liberation theology in Peru was developing a similar approach to justice. The joining of these two theories of how to work for justice is known as the Circle of Faith in Action. This process involves three basic steps:

Awareness – Before we can work for justice in the world, we must see, hear, and know the world in a spirit of friendship. When we see the world from God’s point of view, we are better able to recognize ways that it can be made a better place to live. This involves creating a worldview modeled after Jesus’ worldview and recognizing where we may have blind-spots.

Analysis – This step involves asking the question “why?” Analysis is the process by which we begin to understand how people’s lives are affected by the relationships that shape the society we live in. All creation is interdependent meaning that we all depend on each other for our existence. The patterns of these relationships that shape society must be analyzed to achieve justice.

Action – This step in the circle calls for us to change the situation we have analyzed in a way that allows all people involved to experience the good life that God intended for them. Oftentimes, this calls for both direct action and social action. Solidarity is one of the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching and requires us to be constantly committed to the common good. All action is based on the notion that we are all really responsible for all.

This three step process does not end there. It continues on with a new awareness. How has the analysis and action deepened or changed our perception of the situation? This circle allows for constant growing and learning in the area of social concern. New awareness may lead to a new analysis and new action. We can be committed to a never-ending circle of justice for all. This Circle of Faith in Action is the cornerstone of this revised service program. Holy Cross students will be committed to this circle for justice.

Goals of the Program:

- The students will become familiar with the Circle of Faith in Action and successfully follow the Church’s model for working for justice

- The students and teachers will incorporate the service program into the daily theology curriculum for greater connection

  Our ideal would be a program where service + curriculum + retreat = a well-rounded, healthy hunger for justice

 The students will be directed through a focused plan of service throughout their four years at Holy Cross so they have the desire and are equipped to independently take on service projects as an adult

Fulfillment of these goals would truly accomplish our Holy Cross High School mission statement. We will commit to spiritual development by interlocking the service program with our existing theology curriculum and retreats. We will work for social justice by teaching the Circle of Faith in Action and providing the students with the resources they may need to be aware, analyze, and act upon injustices in our society. We will be committed to community service by teaching the students how to independently begin and complete their own personal service projects. This knowledge is vital to students continuing to do service later in life.

Not only are we fulfilling the Holy Cross mission, but we will be creating community leaders. Holy Cross students will have the knowledge and skills to go forth from here and continue to live out the mission that was enhanced during their four years here. Through the service program and the constant ties to curriculum, the students will move beyond being students and into teachers and role models for the community. They will truly be Experiencing the Power of the Cross.