Cougar Shadow Days

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A Cougar for a Day!

We love to have shadows in the building! Shadowing is a time for your student to tour the school, meet our students, and spend a day as a member of Cougar Nation, going to classes included. This is a great opportunity for students to interact with our kids and really begin to understand what being a part of the Cougar family means! Eighth grade shadows and transfers can shadow all year, and seventh grade shadows in the spring. We do have a list of assigned shadow dates; but if those dates do not work for you, we would love to have your student on campus when it is most convenient! 


Shadow Days will look different this fall due to COVID-19, as we want to ensure your safety. Stay tuned for more details on virtual shadowing options and upcoming dates!


Please note that if the scheduled shadow dates do not work, we will accommodate other dates as well.


Shadow Dates

For 8th Graders


Will look different this year due to COVID-19. We want to ensure your safety--stay tuned for more details!




In order for a student to receive an EXCUSED absence from their current grade school, they need to download and fill out the form below.