Tuition, Aid, & Scholarships

Tuition, Aid & Scholarships 



$11,125 with a 10% discount for multiple students.
One to One Technology Fees: $535.00  

There is a $50 assessment fee for all students.

Student fees: $666

Pre-Registration fee (before March 1): $50

Registration fee (after March 1): $150


Tuition Assistance:


At Holy Cross High School we strive to keep our tuition affordable without compromising the quality and integrity of our programs. Additionally, we offer tuition assistance and scholarships to those families who qualify. Click here for more information on the financial aid process. If you have questions or would like to receive information about financial assistance, please contact our Finance Office at 447-4363


Available Scholarships:

Holy Cross Scholars (Awarded to Top Two Placement Test Scorers): Top Scorer: $1250, 2nd Highest Scorer: $750. Both of these Scholarships are Renewable

Cougar Scholars (Awarded to placement Test scorers 3-6): Each scholarship is $500 and renewable for four years.

Father Duerr Scholarship: $500. One year, Non-renewable

Tinsley Scholarship: $240. One year, Non-Renewable

John L. “Lou” & Frances Ising Memorial Scholarship “: $500 and renewable for four years.

Gividen Scholarship: $250 and renewable for four years.
King Family Scholarship: $500, Non-Renewable. 2 are given out each year.

Holy Rosary Scholarship: $1000 and is renewable for four years.

Ursuline Sisters Scholarship: $625 renewable for four years. 2 are given out each year. 

Emmaus Scholarship: $500 Non renewable

Chester and Mildred Needy Scholarship: $500 and renewable for four years.

Andy Kehl Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 renewable for four years.

The Vaughn Schum Scholarship: $1,000 non-renewable

The Chuck Schuler Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 non-renewable 

January Taylor-Mills Scholarship: $500.00 non-renewable 

Nick Rodman Legacy Scholarship: $1,000 renewable 


For more information about the admissions process or tuition or scholarship information please contact our Admissions Department.
Katy Buerger, M.Ed.
Director of Enrollment and Marketing
Olivia Schum, HC'10