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Admissions Process

7th Grade Year:


1. Attend all grade schools events, such as: Grade School Nights, Mixers, Lock-ins, etc.


2. Look for us to visit you in the fall! We will leave you with some information following our presentation.    


3. Attend our Open House and meet our faculty, students, parents, and alumni.


4. In the spring, come and shadow to spend a day in the life of a cougar.


5. Attend a summer athletic, music, or art camp.


8th Grade Year:


1. Shadow in the fall of your eighth grade year.


2. Make sure to attend all our grade school events, such as: Grade School Nights, Mixers, Lock-ins, etc.


3. Parents: schedule an individual meeting (virtual or in-person) with the Director of Enrollment to get all your questions answered.


3. Look for us to visit and present to you in the fall! Make sure to ask any questions you may have!


4. Attend our Open House with your family and meet our faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni.


5. Take the Placement test at Holy Cross, typically held the second Saturday in December. Taking the placement test at Holy Cross will ensure your spot in the freshman class.


6. Attend registration night and get officially registered to start your year at Holy Cross next fall!