Holy Cross High School

1:1 Technology Program

1:1 Integration

The 1:1 technology program provides students with a state-of-the-art Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet. This initiative offers our students the opportunity to participate in a global educational environment. The 21st century requires that our learners be able to navigate smoothly, effectively, and purposefully through the world of technology. Other technology components at Holy Cross include Sycamore Education and Microsoft OneNote, to help students and teachers stay connected.

Goals of 1:1 Community:

  • Develop an effective model for project-based instruction. Shifting technology instruction into subject-area classrooms enables students to develop skills required to be self-directed, independent, life-long learners which will help them compete in the global arena for college placement and employment opportunities.
  • Allow teachers to differentiate instruction and gives students the creative freedom to explore.
  • Help students learn, create, and communicate.

Classroom Technology Integration

Tablets improve learning productivity by developing, integrating and implementing innovative 21st-century learning environments. The use of the Microsoft OneNote in combination with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets provides a mobile platform from which classroom activities can be initiated. Through the use of several apps, teachers can provide notes, display steps and processes to problems, initiate the display of media (pausing and resuming as needed from any location in the classroom), and allow students to participate from their own seats in a variety of interactive activities.