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Wesley Thomas: Named Rita Dobson Teacher of the year!

The Rita Dobson Teacher of the Year award was established was established in 2011-12 school year. Rita Dobson was a beloved member of the Holy Cross Community. The award is bestowed upon a faculty member each year at graduation that embodies the same qualities as Mrs. Dobson herself. The award is given to a teacher who exhibits: A commitment to Catholic Education. Holds students to high standards. Is committed to lifelong learning. Builds positive relationships with students.

Holy Cross is proud to name Wesley Thomas 2017 Teacher of the Year
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Senior John Tino gave hours of his company’s time to serve the elderly of our community

Senior John Tino gave hours of his company’s time to serve the elderly of our community Sunday, April 30th. He was joined by other Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors from Holy Cross. They cut grass, trimmed bushes, and performed other lawncare to beautify this yard and home. If you would like to volunteer to serve John’s Ministry this Spring or Summer email him at Jtino@holycrosshs.com
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Freshmen Class Takes Conservation To A New Level

The freshman biology classes went to the Louisville Zoo last week as a part of their unit on conservation. To spread awareness of elephant endangerment, students pledged to not purchase ivory products in the future and posed with the bronze statue of Ely the Elephant… Way to go, Holy Cross!
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Junior Madison Turner is headed to Space Camp!

Congratulations to Junior Madison Turner!!!! Madison was one of eighteen girls selected to attend Space Camp at Morehead State University!
SpaceTrek is a unique space science camp offered at Morehead State University’s state-of-the-art Space Science Center housing a Satellite Development Laboratory, Space Tracking Antennas, Electronic Laboratories and a digital Star Theater for planetarium and LASER shows.
SpaceTrek was created in 2012 as a pilot program thanks to a partnership between AAUW Kentucky and Morehead State University. This one week educational experience is designed to expose incoming sophomore, junior and senior high school girls to space science and engineering concepts in fun and exciting ways.
SpaceTrek’s theme is “Empower young women in an environment with female role models where they will be motivated and exposed to space science and engineering".
Way to go Madison!!!
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