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Summer Read

Holy Cross High School
Summer Reading 2019-2020
Our 2019-2020 summer reading program is designed to:
• Encourage reading over the summer months; reading is a skill that improves with practice.
• Increase exposure to new literature.
• Maintain a scholarly connection between home and school over the summer months.
• Create a sense of community by having a shared experience to discuss and reflect upon.
In December of 2018-2019, former graduate Angelo Thomas visited Holy Cross High School, and shared the story of how he overcame a major struggle he had during his middle and high school years. This experience led to his writing of his novel, The Incredible Jake Parker.
Because of his connection to Holy Cross, and the content of his story, we have selected his novel for the Holy Cross Summer Reading Assignment.

All 9-12th grade students are required to read The Incredible Jake Parker by Angelo Thomas over the summer. The literature will encompass topics, themes and ideas involving the mental illness and identity. (At times this book contains brief moments of harsh content and language. It is extremely difficult to find literature on this subject that lacks a degree of “unsettledness”; however it does not devalue or exceed the purpose.)
Families will have to order through Amazon AFTER APRIL 12 at the Amazon price.
The Summer Read Assignment is available to download below.