1:1 Technology Program

Holy Cross High School is a proud supporter of the 1:1 Technology Program. Since 2013, we have issued our students their very own 2-in-1 devices. Our findings demonstrate that schools employing a 1:1 student-device ratio and key implementation factors, outperform other schools and reveal significant opportunities for improving education return on investment  by transforming teaching and learning.


Foremost among the many positive reasons for having this program are to do the following:

  • Embrace our 21st century/digital learners
  • Enhance student engagement in the classroom
  • Expand the classroom beyond our campus walls
  • Better prepare our students for college and career
Meet The Perfect 1:1 Device:
The Microsoft Surface Pro!
Surface Pro Picture
We feel the Surface is the best device for our particular learning environment. We value the power of a notebook/laptop in a tablet/2-in-1 form . The digital “real-ink” pen for writing, annotating, highlighting and drawing mimics the actions of writing with a pen. The Surface has an innovative keyboard design, enlarged touchpad, a bigger, brighter screen, is thinner and lighter than the iPad, and has a 9-hour all-day battery. We feel that a 2-in-1 corporate device is ultimately more practical for our students.
Holy Cross students use their Surface tablets in variety of ways:
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Note-taking (OneNote)
  • Video recording
  • Various apps & presentation tools (PowerPoint, Publisher, SWAY, OpenShot)
  • e-Textbooks
  • Communication (email, blogs, etc.)
  • File access and turn in (Office 365, OneDrive, OneNote Class Notebooks, Microsoft Teams)
  • And ways we have yet to imagine…



What software is preloaded onto the Surface?

The Surface will use the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Office ProPlus, and standard utility software. In addition, all students will have an Office 365 account that works in conjunction with apps, files, and settings that are all tied together seamlessly. Students will receive training on Windows 10, MS Office 365, Windows apps, etc. during the summer.


What are the student’s options for printing?

In our digital 1:1 environment, students rarely print. If printing is needed, HCHS will provides the means to print to a printer.

What if there is a problem with their device?

Please have them bring their device to the Technology Center located on the 3rd floor for troubleshooting.  A loaner device may be issued to them to use for the day or until the problem is resolved.  If we choose to re-image the machine any personal items will be deleted from the device. 

Where do they save their work?

Students are encouraged to use their Office 365 OneDrive account which is provided to them by the school. They can also save to a USB device or even email the document to themselves. It is not recommended that they save to the Surface itself. 

What if we choose to bring our own Surface or other acceptable device?

Only devices issued by Holy Cross are permitted on the Campus network.

Will students have access to their tablets over the summer?

Students are required to return their tablets at the end of the school year for reconditioning and software upgrades. Tablets will then be reissued to the student at the start of the new school year. 

DO THE tablets replace classroom text books?

Yes! Say goodbye to the days of carrying heavy books from class to class. HCHS implements newer format digital textbooks that include, but our not limited too: Interactive Content, Videos, Step-by-Step scenearios, and even educational games.

What happens if my student loses/damages the Surface or finds it is not working correctly?

Starting in 2019, all our newer Surface devices are covered under 4 Year Accidental Damage & Handling Warranty by Microsoft. This permits each HCHS student with two device replacements during the 4 year period. This includes "accidental" drops, breaks, spills, and other types of physical damage. Loss/theft is not covered under this warranty and students will be required to cover the cost of lost/stolen device

Can my student load software to their tablet?

Not at this time. Policies are in place to prohibit loading additional software to the tablet. Special credentials are be needed to be able to download or modify their device. Students are responsible for periodically backing up their personal data (document files) to a cloud based storage location or flash drive before turning in the machine for repair.

Can students recharge their tablets at school?

Students are expected to charge their tablets at home each night, similar to charging their cell phones. Student are allowed to forget three times per semester in which we will issue the student a charge pass. After the third charge pass, students will start receive detentions and even demerits for more extreme cases.

How will students’ online safety be ensured?

HCHS has a variety of firewalls in place to provide students with safe access to the internet at school. In addition, we will be training students regarding appropriate use of both the Surface and the internet. Safe access at home will be the parent’s responsibility.

HCHS encourages parents to have a dialog with their student at home regarding the appropriate use of technology – when it should be used, for what purposes, and where in the house it may be used. We also suggest parents regularly monitor their students’ online activity and maintain access to their accounts as a precaution. HCHS also implements classroom monitoring software LanSchool on all student tablets. This allows teachers to observe the screens of every student in their class from their own device.

What if my student forgets to bring their Microsoft Surface to school?

There will be consequences if a student does not bring their Microsoft Surface to class, much like there would be a consequence if they were to not bring their textbook or anything to write with. One of our goals is to ensure students develop the responsibility to come prepared to learn each day, and one key aspect will be for them to bring a fully-charged Surface to school on a daily basis. Students will be required to call home and have a guardian bring the tablet to school.

What if we do not have internet access at home?

Students have access to the internet any time they are on campus. They also have the ability to complete assignments while offline at home and then upload their work when they return to campus. Also, public libraries, most restaurants, many coffee shops, and many other locations offer free internet access.

What are your recommendations for computer backup?

Backup of important computer data is the responsibility of each student. With the school's Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Microsoft provides each user with 1 terabyte of cloud storage on Microsoft's OneDrive. Students must back up their data to the cloud, including school-related documents as well as music and video collections. Tablet PCs may be lost or stolen, and hard drives may fail. In either case data will be irretrievably lost if it is not backed up. HCHS does not provide local server-based storage for students.