Holy Cross High School


Holy Cross offers a variety of after school programs and activities for our students.

If you don't see the a club you like... no problem! Create your own club!


Big Brother/Sister Program - Sister Maryann  mtarquinio@holycrosshs.com 

Pep Club - Mr. Foushee  kfoushee@holycrosshs.com

Drama Club - Mr. Glazer  aglazer@holycrosshs.com 

Retreats - Sister Maryann  mtarquinio@holycrosshs.com

Guild Council - Ms. Hall  rhall@holycrosshs.com

Ambassadors - Mr. Foushee  kfoushee@holycrosshs.com

Math Team - Mr. Walker  swalker@holycrosshs.com

Cougars for Christ - Mr. Walker  swalker@holycrosshs.com

National Honor Society - Sister Maryann  mtarquinio@holycrosshs.com

Iron Cougs - Mr. Hammerstrom  khammerstrom@holyccrosshs.com

Y-Club - Mr. Rawlins  jrrawlins@holycrosshs.com

Yearbook - Ms. Schum  oschum@holycrosshs.com

Robotics - Mr. Derrick  bderrick@holycrosshs.com

National Art Honor Society - Ms. Weiter  mrweiter@holycrosshs.com