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Academic Counseling/Support

Holy Cross High School offers a number of mediums to ensure our students' ability to achieve academically. The following are resources students can take advantage of for academic growth:
  • Teacher Office Hours (after school: 3-4)
  • Tuesday and Thursday Study Hall (8:56-9:26)
  • National Honor Society-taught Tutoring Sessions (Wednesdays: 7:40-8:30)
  • Learning Consultants - Mrs. Sherry Downey
  • Sherry Downey & Cristin Clark are available Wednesday morning (6:30-7:40am)
Failure List Policy
Failure lists are released every Friday. The following procedure is used in case of a student's appearance on the failure list.
  • Any appearance on failure list: teacher recommendation to Learning Consultants and the  Principal Jennifer Barz 
  • 3rd Appearance on Failure List: required meeting with Learning Consultant/s and/or Mrs. Barz to analyze the problem and set goals
  • 6th Appearance on Failure List: parents are called to attend a meeting with Learning Consultant/s and/or Mrs. Barz