Holy Cross High School

Holy Cross will be on a delayed schedule tomorrow Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Doors open at 8:45 a.m and classes will begin at 9:30 a.m. Juniors will NOT go to their Internships and will attend their normal class schedule. The extreme temperatures has caused the parking lot to freeze, melt and refreeze, especially in areas near the building.... Please be extremely careful...especially in the drop off line.... allow extra stopping room.
Academics » Academic Counseling/Support

Academic Counseling/Support

Holy Cross High School offers a number of mediums to ensure our students' ability to achieve academically. The following are resources students can take advantage of for academic growth:
  • Teacher Office Hours (after school: 3-4)
  • Tuesday and Thursday Study Hall (8:56-9:26)
  • National Honor Society-taught Tutoring Sessions (Wednesdays: 7:40-8:30)
  • Learning Consultants - Mrs. Sherry Downey and Mrs. Harriet Blankenship (available every morning: 6:30-7:40)
Failure List Policy
Failure lists are released every Friday. The following procedure is used in case of a student's appearance on the failure list.
  • Any appearance on failure list: teacher recommendation to Learning Consultants (Mrs. Sherry Downey and Mrs. Harriet Blankenship) and the Dean of Academics (Mr. Bill Strauss)
  • 3rd Appearance on Failure List: required meeting with Learning Consultant/s and/or Mr. Strauss to analyze the problem and set goals
  • 6th Appearance on Failure List: parents are called to attend a meeting with Learning Consultant/s and/or Mr. Strauss