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Christian Service Program

The Holy Cross Service Program expresses the philosophy of our school and our Christian faith. Hence, all students will be required to participate in the Service Program to varying degrees as described in their Theology class expectations and procedures. Participation will be incorporated in the Theology class grade. All service hours and service assignments are documented through MobileServe, each quarter in accordance with the service calendar. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors may accumulate a maximum of 3 hours during the summer to apply toward 1st quarter service requirements. If a student participates in a mission trip they must meet with the service coordinator to discuss applicable hours. All students will be required to complete 100 hours of Christian Service in order to qualify for graduation, including the successful completion of the Senior Service Capstone.


  • Freshmen- 12 total hours (3 per quarter)
  • Sophomores- 16 total hours (4 hours per quarter)
  • Juniors- 24 total hours (6 hours per quarter)
  • Seniors- (12 Hours Per Quarter) 48 total hours (Senior Service Capstone)


MobileServe Entry Instructions:

Follow these steps in MobileServe to enter service work:

Step 1: Log into your MobileServe account

Step 2: On your dashboard home screen – go to Log Your Hours (Blue box mid screen)

Step 3: Under Record your Hours Here Verify the date is correct for the time you completed ALL work for that agency.

Step 4: Enter hours

Step 5: Under Service Details - Service Organization – enter the name of the organization

Step 6: Make sure Holy Cross High School and Christian Service is checked

Step 7: Tell your Story – You will give details about your experience - briefly write about your experience.

Step 8: Enter in supervisor name and email

Step 9: Click the Submit Hours button

Step 10: You must attach your Agency photo here.  Photo MUST have agency logo OR if that is not available it must be a photo of you in a service working action shot.  You MUST be in the photo!

Step 11: Click Done

If you have any questions about this process email Mrs. Pence at spence@holycrosshs.com


We look forward to seeing your SERVICE unfold this year!