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Internship Overview

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The Holy Cross Corporate Internship Program is a co-curricular component of the 21st century approach to Catholic Education. Students at Holy Cross engage in a variety of real- world authentic experiences to deepen their liberal arts education. Designed to bring together the core components of learning in the classroom with skills development for today’s economy, this program gives students a complete educational foundation for success in the rapidly changing world. There are two major components that ensure success of this program: robust curriculum and engaged corporate partners. They Holy Cross High School Corporate Internship Program curriculum focuses on competencies in nine key areas: Technical Skills, Business Etiquette & Ethics, Communication, Complex Reasoning Strategies, Precision & Accuracy, Teamwork & Collaboration, Initiative & Self- Direction, Productivity, Persistence.


All Holy Cross High School students are engaged in the Corporate Internship Program at various levels and all students participate in a Summer Bootcamp Intensive. Freshmen develop basic job-related skills, career exploration, and engage with businesses and professionals in a variety of ways. Sophomores deepen specific career-related skills, serve in the world of non-profit, and participate in the job search process; such as, resume development and interview skills. Juniors and Seniors continue to deepen their understanding and discernment of a variety of careers through interning one day per week in a corporate environment, developing an understanding of workplace safety, participating in authentic evaluation and assessment of performance, and mentorship engagement with real-world leaders.


Students benefit from this program in a multitude of ways:
Equity- All kids have access to connections & corporate America
Student engagement increases with relevance to the real-world
Early career exploration & discernment- saving money and time
College application and diversity of experiences & recommendations
Job skills development in a shrinking pool of teenager workers.