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Cougars for Christ

Mission Statement:

Cougars for Christ is a group of faithful and dedicated Junior and Senior Holy Cross students, who are committed to cultivating their Christian identity and promoting the Catholic faith to their classmates in word and deed.


To empower the “next wave” of Holy Cross Christian leaders
To organize, and encourage particiption in, the liturgy and other school-based liturgical services
To develop servant-leadership skills, and to share these gifts generously with the larger Church
To minister to other students through prayer, service, retreats, and liturgy/liturgical services
To establish a life of prayer, service, and respect for the Sacraments


The C4C Team convenes approximately twice a month throughout the school year. Team members must be in good standing with the values and precepts of the Catholic Church. Students who are not Catholic must be baptized Christians who are actively seeking a Christian life.   

Members must attend the Summer Leadership Training, which is led Chaplain Fr. Bill Burks and moderator Mr. Hagerman, and lead at least one Morning Prayer and Reflection.
Priority for NCYC, March for Life, other faith-based extracurricular trips, and school-facilitated retreats is given to C4C members.

Future Involvement:

Interested students are chosen each year through a selection process, which includes: completing an application and questionnaire; interviewing with Cougars-for-Christ advisors; and receiving a written recommendation from a pastoral, or character, reference.