Holy Cross High School leases each incoming student with a state-of-the-art Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. With the tablet sporting powerful hardware and Windows 10 software, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is the best tablet/laptop hybrid on the market for students in a 1:1 environment. 

Microsoft Surface Pro

Stated as "The most versatile laptop ever."

Surface Pro gives you the full power of a laptop/tablet with Windows 10. With its clean design it’s lighter than ever and perfect for carrying around campus all day, or taking handwritten notes in class.

"Multitasking is a way of life."

Who does one thing at a time anymore? The Microsoft Surface Pro is a multitasking machine. Read a novel, while taking notes in Microsoft OneNote, or browse the web for sources.

"Apple? Think Again!"

The Microsoft Surface Pro is light enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to use as a full desktop workstation. In fact, it’s 50% faster than a MacBook Air 13”.1 and Apple iPad.

Amazing screen

With striking true-to-life color, the 12.3” high-resolution PixelSense™ Display was designed to be viewed, touched, and written on. And text reads like the printed page with a high-contrast, easy-on-the-eyes display.

Runs full Windows, Office, & professional software.

Collaborate with teachers and students as you use the full power of the latest Microsoft Office Suite — including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.

Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover

The most advanced typing experience yet!

Surface Pen

Experience the ultimate modern writing experience with Surface Pen. Write, draw, or mark-up documents digitally. Write and erase naturally with a working eraser on the end.

Protective Case

The Best Protection You Can Get!
The case from UAG is the best protective case available for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Order Tablet Accessories!

Click on the link below to access the list of accessories to purchase for your tablet!