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Transfer Students

Students who currently attend another high school and are interested in transferring to Holy Cross High School need to complete the following process for consideration of admittance.

  • A parent/legal guardian must contact the Admissions Department via phone 447-4363 or email [email protected] to discuss the possibility of transferring.
  • The Director of Enrollment will schedule a time for the student/family to visit campus for a tour and meeting with Administration to discuss transcript, test document, placement, schedule and policies for acceptance. It is highly encouraged for the parent to send an electronic copy of the student's transcript with grades and current schedule to Ms. Williams prior to meeting so a tentative schedule can be prepared beforehand.
  • The student must bring a copy of his/her transcript and/or current grades and any standardized test data (CATS scores, Terra Nova Scores, ACT, EXPLORE, PLAN, etc.) on the day they visit.
  • Administration will make the final acceptance and placement and instructions for Registration will be given to the student if accepted. Administration and the family/student will mutually decide on an appropriate start date if accepted.